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Thompson Nicola Employee & Family Counselling (TNEFC) is part of a National Network of counselling agencies, grounded in a history of responding to the needs of people in our community.

We work with employers to ensure their employees and family members have access to confidential counselling, information and assistance to support employees mental, emotional and physical well-being. We also provide comprehensive compassionate private individual, couple and family counselling to non EFAP members.
Thompson Nicola Employee & Family Counselling was conceived over two decades ago as local community agencies realized a need for counselling expertise in workplaces in an effort to develop healthier employees and healthier workplaces.
Changes in family and work dynamic plus the technological pace in the 21st century has threatened the emotional and mental health of individuals and their families. Issues being faced at home cause work distractions and difficulties at work have a direct impact on an employee's home life.

TNEFC, in partnership with businesses, aim to assist employees and their family members through counselling of their emotional, mental and physical concerns that could negatively affect the individual's work performance and life overall. These services are paid for by the employer in addition to Extended Health Care Benefits. Our services provide confidential professional individual, couple or family counselling. We are the only EFAP whose model partnership advocates unlimited year to year counselling if required. Unlike many other EFAP's that provide employees up to five sessions only our agency provides an unlimited number of sessions. We know that treatment can be an on-going process. We recommend intervention before a crisis. By providing employees resources and access to counselling we work towards empowering our clients to know where they can turn to before a crisis situation amounts.

Mission Statement

“To provide confidential counselling to member business employees, their families and retirees in the Thompson Nicola. To provide support which fosters workplace safety and productivity and individual mental, emotional and physical wellness.”

Thompson Nicola Employee and Family Counselling Centre is an Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP). Employees are a business' most valuable asset. Healthy employees contribute to a successful workplace. Statistics show that participation in Employee Assistance Programs results in reduced turnover figures, tardiness, absenteeism, accidents, worker morale and reduced healthcare costs. Successful businesses contribute to a healthy economy. Business members agree that TNEFC is an indispensable partner.

Most employers provide access to mental/emotional health counsellig services.  Many companies provide this through Employee and Family Assitance Programs.  EFAPs are available in many different forms.  For example, employers may choose to cover the full amount or have employees co-pay; emloyers ay cover a few sessions (eg. 4-5) or may cover an unlimited amount.  Employers may choose to cover dependent family members as well.  It is important to create an EFAP that reflects your budget and needs. The employer then decides how many hours they would like available to employees, whether this is to include their families, and to what portion the company will fund.  We are able to bill through extended benefits providers if the company chooses this option. 

 For over 20 years member businesses have contributed to and benefited from the most comprehensive EFAP. Thompson Nicola Employee & Family Counselling offers real value to keep your employees healthy, safe and productive at work and in their personal lives. Unlimited yearly counselling is available for your employees, their families and retirees means your staff can continue to receive counselling without added financial hardships. TNEFC provides your employees, and their family, counselling when they need it until they are well. We help employees through emotional, mental and physical issues that might otherwise increase their absenteeism and decrease their productivity. We're here providing confidential counselling 24-7, 365 days a year if and when they need it.

Tamara Nesbitt
Masters in Clinical Counselling
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