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Established in 1988 TNEFC follows a United Nations recognized service model and has counselled more than 30-partner organizations in BC's Southern Interior. TNEFC's inception grew initially from a need outpouring from the forestry industry. Personal, professional and addiction issues were not being met with the type of service and support that was identified as greatly needed. The industry demanded a service model that would provide all inclusive services at a cost/benefit ratio that made sense for both employer and employee. Today, over 1100 employees and their families have access to this cost-effective health service.

Located in Kamloops, BC with branch offices in Merritt and Clearwater, our agency provides the most thorough and effect Employee & Family Assistance Program with its unlimited counselling model. We are successfully providing a professional counselling service that support safe, healthy home and work environments for our members. TNEFC also provides private, fee for service counselling to individuals, couples and families who are non-business members in Kamloops, Merritt, Clearwater and surrounding area.

In today's highly competitive environment, many employees struggle to balance the increasingly complex demands of their work and personal lives. From time to time, they can feel overwhelmed and need someone impartial and trained to listen and help. Fact, in any given year, 15-20% of any workforce experiences personal problems such as coping with ageing parents, child-care dilemmas, relationship concerns, family conflicts, substance abuse, emotional stress, legal problems and financial difficulties. If left unresolved, these everyday problems will lead to diminished personal well-being and compromised job performance.

The qualified and professional staff are trained to facilitate Critical Incident Debriefing with individuals who have experienced trauma in the workplace or in the community. Although not common place, accidents are sometimes an unfortunate by-product of a workplace. The trauma counselling sessions conducted in the past have included working with employees in workplaces where a death or serious accident has occurred. We were able to respond immediately after the incident providing shock and trauma support and counselling to employees. The process for debriefing critical incidents has changed over the past twenty years and our staff has remained current in serious incident debriefing techniques.

Communities and businesses have reached out to us in time of major crisis and we have responded immediately with all of our resources. These workplaces and organizations have expressed their confidence in the professional delivery of counselling and CISD support. The commitment of the staff to the well being of the employees is matched only by the caring of the employer.

Tamara Nesbitt
Masters in Clinical Counselling
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