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Thompson Nicola Employee and Family Counselling (TNEFC) is a custom Employee & Family Assistance Program (EFAP) that makes sure the mental and physical health of your employee and their family is looked after which is even more vital in today’s workforce. TNEFC is a low cost, high return benefit that helps businesses retain and support their most valuable asset – their employee. We enrich lives through counselling and turn lives around.

TNEFC offers the most complete EFAP. For only $70(subject to change) per employee per year your employees will receive unlimited yearly counselling at no additional cost to you or your employee. This means your employee will be more likely to continue counselling until they are feeling well and in control of their lives, without added financial hardship. Other benefit packages cap the number of counselling appointments leaving the already desperate employee feeling abandoned. Depending on the person, the real heart of the problem may not be revealed until the person is feeling comfortable in their surroundings. Sometimes this can take up to several appointments.

Retirees – An added benefit for your retirees without any additional cost to you the employer. Retirees automatically qualify but your business will never be billed for the service. This added value enhances your retirement benefit package!

Demonstrating value received from professional counselling services can be especially challenging because of the confidential nature of the service. For many professional services, the relationship between the service and profitability can appear indirect. However one way to assess the value and effectiveness of your EFAP is to to measure employee output, absenteeism and the overall effect on profitability. Statistics show that there is a 4% return on the cost of an EFAP.
For example, an organizational consultant who helps to improve employee satisfaction will ultimately improve employee retention whereby decreasing the costs associated with recruitment, training and assembling new employees. These are all benefits your business can expect from adding TNEFC to your employee benefits package

Tamara Nesbitt
Masters in Clinical Counselling
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